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Cherry Tomatoes at the Farmers Market


Whether you are a large organisation looking to introduce a new staff dining facility or indeed a small start-up looking to provide a food offering without a dedicated restaurant I can advise and help you find a solution which fits your requirement. A summary of the services i can help you with are detailed below;

  • Restaurant, Kitchen, Pantry Design and Project Management

  • Supplier Selection and Bench-marking.

  • Developing and Managing Service specifications and SLA's.

  • Working along-side 3rd party caterers on your behalf. 

Image by Charles Deluvio


From time to time it might be necessary to asses you catering offering against the market. i can provide you with independent and objective guidance and insight which will ensure you are able to ensure your catering provider is fulfilling your needs. Through a strategeic business review we can ensure you catering offer is providing you with the quality and specification your require at a cost you are happy to pay and which aligns to all your CSR objectives.

Image by Celpax


You may want to asses your current food offering or pout a system in place to measure your caterers performance against a Service Level Agreement. I can provide you with a cost effective audit and report programme which is tailored to your operation through a robust online platform conducted at a frequency of your preference(or indeed provided to you for you to complete).

Some features of this service are detailed below;

  • Periodic Auditing (monthly/Quarterly)

  • Robust Audit report and action plan provided with narrative and photo's provided to the relevant stakeholders.

  • Audits created to asses the KPI's which are important to you such as Health and Safety​,Customer service/Food Quality, innovation etc.

Image by David Fartek


You might be contemplating an office move, selecting a new provider for your pantry offering or indeed looking to up-skill yourself to manage your catering provider more effectively. Engaging my significant expertise will ensure you get an objective view which is geared specifically to your business and works for you operationally and financially.  Feel free to contact me so we discuss ways that I can help.

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